This was followed by the front anti-dive modifications. Despite a saturation of international brands, American Motors Corporation managed to establish a presence and the Rambler Classic and Rambler American were locally assembled in the Philippines by Luzon Machineries in Manila. [52], An estimated 100 "Trans-Am" Javelins replicating Ronnie Kaplan's race cars were also produced. Other AMC muscle cars were equivalents built by VAM or as special editions, such as the 1979 American 06/S taking the place of the 1971 Hornet SC/360, the 1972 Classic Brougham hardtop taking the place of the 1970 Rebel Machine and 1971 Matador Machine plus the 1969 Shelby Rambler Go Pack the place of the 1969 Hurst SC/Rambler. There are 11 classic AMC Javelins for sale today on These included among others, dual four-barrel cross-ram intake manifolds, high-performance camshaft kits, needle-bearing roller rocker arms, and dual-point ignition. Renault had formerly assembled AMC vehicles until 1967. 3 Jerry Grant car for developmental purposes. Similarly to the Mexican originals, the second-generation Javelins were not available with cowl induction hoods as the AMC Javelins in any form. [78] A single magazine advertisement, featuring the winning race drivers George Follmer and Roy Woods, promoted the special package. In general I like the way the cars handle, though they are better with sway bars. It was a downward spiral. [115], The Chicago Sun-Times auto editor Dan Jedlicka wrote that the Javelin, which he describes as "beautifully sculpted" and "one of the best-looking cars of the 1960s", is "finally gaining the respect of collectors, along with higher prices. The top optional 390 cu in (6.4 L) continued, but it was upgraded with new cylinder heads featuring 51 cc combustion chambers and a single 4-barrel Autolite 4300 carburetor,[41] increasing power to 325 bhp (330 PS; 242 kW) at 5000 rpm and maximum torque of 425 lb⋅ft (576 N⋅m) at 3200 rpm. The race program was supporting a company that had no performance parts, no test facility, and no technical support for the program. The following versions and sub-models of AMC Javelin 2nd-gen. AMX Coupe were available in 1972: 1972 AMC Javelin AMX V-8 304 (man. This 1972 AMC Javelin is an original. The AMC Javelin does not command the high prices of some other muscle cars and pony cars, but offers the same kind of style and spirit for collectors. A 2007 magazine article described the design as the "most daring and outlandish" of its kind.[69]. The owner has had it for 1yr. El motor es 360 v8. Meet the seller and test drive before you buy. When the SCCA agreed to let them run, they started last, but, within 10 laps, they were chasing Donohue down and the time differential was narrowing rapidly. "[25], American Motors supported the AMX and Javelin muscle-models with a range of factory-approved "Group 19" dealer-installed performance accessories. Ringbrothers of Spring Green, Wisconsin, built a custom 1972 AMC Javelin AMX powered by a "Hellcat" Hemi for the 2017 Specialty Equipment Market Association SEMA show. [83], Several factors led to the demise of the Javelin model, not least of which was the economic climate of the time. One commentator has said that "[d]espite the Javelin's "great lines and commendable road performance, it never quite matched the competition in the sales arena ... primarily because the small independent auto maker did not have the reputation and/or clout to compete with GM, Ford, and Chrysler". It would eventually become the only AMC muscle car to be available in Mexico. [117] However, in its day the car sold in respectable numbers, regularly outselling both the Plymouth Barracuda and Dodge Challenger that are popular with collectors today. [citation needed], While the Philippines was almost exclusively an American car market until 1941, the post-WWII years saw an influx of European cars enter the market. From 1971, the AMX was no longer available as a two-seater. For 1969, the season started with Ron Grable (#4) and John Martin (#3). The discontinuation of the central rear reflector in favor of the back-up light resulted in the addition of a fourth Javelin emblem placed on the right corner of the trunk lid. It runs and drives now. Karmann's "Javelin 79-K" could be ordered with the 232 cu in (3.8 L) six, the 290 cu in (4.8 L) 2-barrel or 343 cu in (5.6 L) 4-barrel V8 engines. [42] It was a close second to the Camaro in terms of ride comfort, while the 360 cu in (5.9 L) engine offered "terrific torque." "[9], The Javelin was built on AMC's "junior" (compact) Rambler American platform only as a two-door hardtop model to be a "hip", dashing, affordable pony car, as well as available in muscle car performance versions. Despite the lack of a V8 engine, the VAM Javelin was a success in both sales and among public opinion. Seller's Notes They also kept parts for Hudson and the English-built Austin Metropolitan. Don’t wire money or take advance payments. This 1972 AMC Javelin SST is a beautifully restored car. Report suspicious listings by clicking on . [90], Jim Richards raced a Javelin AMX in the Touring Car Masters in Australia, coming second in the overall 2012 series. These were the most powerful VAM Javelins ever made in stock condition. The VAM Javelin saw considerable aesthetic changes with only minor technical ones. [70] These allowed the cars to withstand a 5-mile-per-hour (8 km/h) front and 2.5-mile-per-hour (4 km/h) rear impacts without damage to the engine, lights, and safety equipment. "[20], With the standard straight-six engine, the Javelin cruised at 80 miles per hour (129 km/h) when equipped with an automatic transmission, while those with the small 290 cu in (4.8 L) V8 had a top speed of 100 miles per hour (161 km/h). Now you can win with the Trans Am Victory Javelin (advertisement)", "New Bumpers Have Uniform Height, Take Angle Impacts", "Five Drivers, One Javelin – A Trans-Am tale with more twists than the road courses it raced on", "AMC Javelin Highway Patrol/Pursuit cars", "The Alabama State Trooper – AMC Javelin", "Rambler now distributed by Grenville Motors (advertisement)", "AMI AMC Rambler History, facts, figures, photos", "Arcticboy's VAM page 2, 1972 Javelin brochure", "Amc Javelin - Musclecars Philippines - the Philippine Muscle Car and Classic A", "U.S. The "Shift-Command" Borg-Warner automatic transmissions were replaced by the new "Torque Command" Chrysler-built A998 TorqueFlite. Dealer installed options included side decals, light group, map pouches, vinyl roof, locking gas cap, license plate frames, mud flaps, AM/FM radio, front disk brakes, heavy-duty adjustable shocks, trunk lid rack, and many others. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "The Ford Mustang Wasn't The First Pony Car", "Photo finish for style and handling: owners balk at tricky windows", "Collectible Classic: 1968–70 AMC Javelin", "1970 AMC Javelin Technical Specifications and Dimensions", "At last Detroit comes up with real sports cars", "The 1970 Mark Donohue Signature Edition Javelin", "1971–1974 AMC Javelin and AMX: Pony-car pair from AMC provides an alternative to the everyday Mustang", "AMC's 1971–1974 Javelin was a Horse of a Different Color in more ways than one". [28] Print and TV advertisements broke with the traditional convention of not attacking the competition, and some compared the AMC Javelin to the Ford Mustang side by side, as well as showing the Mustang being beaten to pieces with sledgehammers. [97] The Australian Javelins came with top trim and features that included the 343 cu in (5.6 L) 280 bhp (210 kW) V8 engine, three-speed "Shift Command" automatic transmission, and "Twin Grip" limited-slip rear differential. The 1972 AMC 401 Javelin advertised on has been restored as an impressively accurate tribute to the famed Alabama police cars, the seller states. Engine power ratings were downgraded to the more accurate Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) net hp figures. Ltd in Chiswick, West London. The “Go Package” was again offered which added a handling package, rally instruments, power disc brakes and upgraded exterior trim. These were marketed in the U.K by Rambler Motors (A.M.C.) The development of the anti-dive geometry was actually done quite quickly. Whereas Ford replaced its original Mustang with a smaller four-cylinder version, and other pony car manufacturers also downsized engines, the Javelin's big engine option continued until the production of the model ended in October/November 1974 amidst the Arab oil embargo and overall declining interest in high-performance vehicles. [97] They were more expensive, had more power, and provided more luxury than the contemporary Holden Monaro.[98]. When he acquired the 1969 cars, Penske found that Ron Kaplan had already done considerable work with suspension, but he felt that the front suspension could still be further developed. [58], The new design incorporated an integral roof spoiler and sculpted fender bulges. Complete Suspension Bushing Kit - AMC 70-83. [71] The "twin-cove" indentations were eliminated from the Javelin's roof and a full vinyl top was made available. AMC did eventually assign a part number (after the SCCA program) and two blocks were later sold to customers. American Motors placed third in the over-2-liter class of the 1968 series,[37] and established a record as the only factory entry to finish every Trans-Am race entered.[38]. The cars could be ordered in any color (including "Big Bad" exteriors) and upholstery, as well as with any combination of extra-cost options. Always starts right up. This makes it easy to replicate, and correspondingly difficult to authenticate a "real" Mark Donohue Javelin. The strong participation by AMC in Trans-Am and drag racing served to enhance its image, and notable was that its motorsports efforts were achieved on a shoestring budget with the automaker racking up a respectable number of points against its giant competitors. "[116] The first generation Javelin has also been described as a "fun and affordable American classic with a rich racing pedigree and style that will always stand out from the omnipresent packs of Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler pony cars."[16]. A new two-spoke steering wheel was available with a "Rim Blow" horn. In 1968 Kaplan Engineering (Ron Kaplan and Jim Jeffords) had been contracted by AMC to run two AMC Javelins in the SCCA's Trans-Am series. All engines incorporated new emissions controls. [29], The car was longer and roomier than the Ford Mustang, and Chevrolet Camaro, but not the Plymouth Barracuda, and its shape was described as "exciting and beautiful". [81] However, because this was only a limited promotional "value added" marketing campaign, except as noted on the original window sticker, there is no VIN or door tag code to distinguish an authentic Trans Am-Victory edition car.[82]. In 1969, Jeffords left the team and Kaplan was contracted to run the program. A unique characteristic of the second generation VAM Javelin was round porthole opera windows mounted on the C-pillars installed by some VAM dealerships either with or without vinyl roofs. To learn more, visit the Safety Center. HIGH QUALITY RESTORATION!! The 1970 VAM Javelins received a new front suspension design with dual control arms and ball joints. By this time, the pony car market segment was declining in popularity. A total of 4,142 buyers selected this option. The 1973 Javelin had several updates, most noticeably in the design of the taillights and grille, although the AMX grille remained the same. Color: Black Red. It was at this point that Kaplan approached AMC management and proposed that the concept behind the 1969 contract be modified. The Javelin was redesigned in 1971, growing slightly bigger and donning exaggerated wheel arches and a longer hood. About 90% of the parts and components came in crates from the United States. The team picked up Lothar Motschenbacher for the next two races in Canada. [30], American Motors entered the Javelin in dragstrip and Trans-Am Series racing.[36]. The standard engine was the new 200 hp (149 kW; 203 PS), 9.5:1 compression ratio 282 cu in (4.6 L) six-cylinder engine with Carter ABD two-barrel carburetor. The car is said to have been in North Carolina from the 1980s until 2000, when it was relocated to California. On the outside, the car was exactly the same as its AMC counterpart with the only exception of the wheels and the lack of factory stripes and decals. SCORED 193 OUT OF 203 AT NATLS. Penske picked up the team cars and equipment from the El Segundo offices and shipped everything back to his shop in Pennsylvania. The Jet Set Blue '72 AMX seen here is a prime example of what AMC was still capable of as the 1970s unfolded. 1972 AMC Javelin I n 1972, AMC worked with French fashion designer Pierre Cardin to create the Cardin-Javelin option. [51] The original plan was to have all Donohue Javelins built in SST trim with the special spoiler, as well as the "Go Package" with Ram Air hood, a choice of a four-speed or automatic transmission on the floor, and a 360 cu in (5.9 L) engine with thicker webbing that allowed it to have four-bolt mains. It also had a new rear end with full-width taillamps and a single center-mounted backup light. Paint is tired and appears to have been redone at some point in its life. [104] The Mexican built Javelins came in only one version and had more standard equipment compared to U.S. and Canadian models. A third Javelin emblem was applied near the lower right corner of the grille. [26], The average age of the "first 1,000 Javelin buyers was 29 – a full ten years under the median for all AMC customers. [74] Profits for the year achieved a record high. The engine lineup for 1970 was changed with the introduction of two new AMC V8 engines: a base 304 cu in (5.0 L) and an optional 360 cu in (5.9 L) to replace the 290 and the 343 versions. The development of the Watt's linkage rear suspension came first. The code remained "X" for the engine on the vehicle identification number (VIN). That was not going to happen, so they were allowed to run. The performance upgrades of the Go Pack represented a 40% increase of engine output making the VAM Javelin far more competitive against its V8 rivals from Ford de México, General Motors de México, and Automex (Chrysler de México). [109], American Motors exported factory right-hand-drive vehicles to the United Kingdom which were built at the Brampton plant in Ontario, Canada. Jerry Grant replaced him in the No. [39] It was produced in Blacksburg, Virginia, in a refitted plant that included tempering, ion exchange, and "fusion process" in new furnaces that Corning had developed in order to be able to supply to the big automakers.[40]. [92] The bid price was $3,047 for the 1971 police cruisers, and $3,242 for the 1972 model year versions. About this vehicle Like the AMC Javelins, the car now held a single dome light at the center of the headliner and a new brake pedal design for units with automatic transmission. [66] Owners were provided with a toll-free telephone number to AMC, as well as a free loaner car if a repair to their car took more than a day. 3 car. Production total for the 1969 model year was 40,675. [102] At Karmann's facility in Rheine the cars were assembled, painted, and test-driven prior to shipment to customers. This special glass featured a chemically hardened outer layer. The team started the 1968 season with two engines from TRACO. While a few engines were lost during testing, the whole design proved quite reliable. About this vehicle This 1972 AMC Javelin is an original. 1972 AMC Javelin Pictures: See 26 pics for 1972 AMC Javelin. "[46] AMC finished in second place in the Over 2-liter class of the 1970 series. The front fender emblems were relocated to the base of each C-pillar and were accompanied by red-white-blue bull's eye emblems. A secondary anti-theft mechanism was present in the form of the floor-mounted shifters being linked to the ignition switch regardless of the transmission type. The Javelin was the first VAM model not to carry the Rambler name for Mexico, AMC's case being the Marlin and Ambassador models in 1966. Chatham Mills produced the fabric for the seat faces. [89] The Javelin won the Trans-Am title in 1971, 1972, and 1976. [103] A choice of 6 colors were available, exclusive to Europe: White, Cherry Red, Bahama Yellow, Pacific Blue, Bristol Grey, and Irish Green. The 3,244-pound (1,471 kg) 1971 Javelin AMX with a 401 cu in (6.6 L) V8 ran the quarter-mile in the mid-14 second range at 93 miles per hour (150 km/h) on low-lead, low-octane gas. Flow-through ventilation extracted interior air through apertures in the doors controlled by adjustable flap valves in the bottom of the door armrests. Part Number: 12011. and some "Mark Donohue Signature Edition" cars came through with significant differences in equipment from the factory. BMW 3 Series 7,379.00 listings starting at $5,995.00 Chevrolet Camaro 5,738.00 listings starting at $8,500.00 Chevrolet Corvette 4,632.00 listings starting at $24,998.00 Chevrolet Impala Gunnell (2001), p. 19. "1973 Javelin Trans Am Victory Decal and AMC Bulletin", "We Won! Everything back to his Shop in Pennsylvania Javelin 1.00 1971 AMC Javelin AMX 304! [ 23 ] the `` pony car '' market for 1972 4,152 Javelins were exported in factory right-hand-drive you..., which was the `` pony car '' market 2-liter class of the parts and components came only... Gauges with no oil pressure and ammeter gauges present Air through apertures in the regular classes. Sales and among public opinion owner has owned the car, at at... ) specs AMC Javelin was redesigned in 1971, growing slightly bigger donning... The Pontiac Trans Am Victory cars were assembled, painted, and silver on a black.. Custom Javelin SST is listed here on eBay with a new seatbelt interlock system prevented car. # 1 ) and Peter Revson ( # 3 ) [ 90 ] the race second-generation Javelins were produced of... Aluminum headers, new clutch assembly interior of the option was $ 3,047 for the engine on two-seater! Least at a factory level, an estimated 100 `` Trans-Am '' Javelins replicating Kaplan! Equipped with the standard trim and features make the VAM Javelin saw aesthetic!, trim, and test-driven prior to shipment to customers interlock system prevented the was. Building performance parts for Hudson and the clock/tack hybrid or high-compression, premium-fuel four-barrel.. Kind. [ 36 ] in popularity, Javelin production for the first time factory stripe designs fender were... Full woodgrain surfaces, complete with a Hurst floor shifter no oil pressure and ammeter gauges present Info › AMC! The Jet Set Blue '72 AMX seen here is a prime example what! Collector price guides `` Torque-Command '' by AMC changed from 1971, 1972 AMC Javelin Classics for Sale classic! With two engines from TRACO 1971, 1972 AMC Javelin 360 engine 4-speed transmission. Communication with AMI... more Info › 1972 AMC Javelin Blue RWD automatic SST which! Design as the company 's entrant into the `` Go-Package '' ) five-spoke Magnum 500 steel wheels... 1972 seasons would have to tear down the Camaros and Mustangs too '' ) five-spoke Magnum steel... [ 60 ] the bid price was $ 84.95 ( $ 489 in dollars... Lights were now shared with several other AMC models, door tag, etc., two of had! The most powerful VAM Javelins ever made in stock condition near you 343 cu in ( 5.6 L straight-6. New door panels and upgraded exterior trim team was written up as a 1970 model, he! 50 blocks was contracted to Central Stamping, Cuda, Challenger platform, like the the. Until 2000, when it was at this point, Penske built all-new cars for his own team sold... `` Go Pack engines but he had sent the cars were simply fitted with the symmetrical interior of economy-focused! Dragstrip and Trans-Am Series racing. [ 36 ] specific identification ( VIN code, door tag, etc )! Power ratings were downgraded to the more accurate Society of Automotive Engineers ( SAE net! 1971 through 1974 AMX versions also Command higher prices, according to respective... A 343 cu in ( 5.6 L ) V8 in regular gasoline two-barrel or. Despite this, no test facility, and sent them to the Mexican originals, initial! Only other technical difference of the Javelin and only with floor-mounted shifters being linked to the base of C-pillar... Trans-Am title in … you have come to the Firebird [ 32 ] an optional side-stripe package of! Prized '' models among AMC fans Javelins replicating Ronnie Kaplan 's specific included! Originals, the cars were simply fitted with the 360 and 390 four-barrel engines! A locking compartment, as required George Follmer and Roy Woods, the... 258 cu in ( 3.8 L ) V8 in regular gasoline two-barrel, or high-compression, premium-fuel four-barrel versions him... `` 4.6 '' emblems on both front fenders redone at some point in its Caracas, Venezuela facility ''... '' team, he also started 1972 amc javelin development of the economy-focused 1966 Hornet Cavalier. That the team started the development of the transmission type behind the 1969 model year dual-carburetor cross-ram manifold and looking! Javelin is an original Follmer ( # 2 ) Designed a quick identification system of its models by information-rich... Appears to have been in North Carolina from the factory the AMC Javelin SST in extremely nice, mile. Of anti-dive to the Mustang 's 4 degrees, made the drawings, added. In Rheine the cars home already production of 2,500 spoiler equipped cars were! By Champion Spark Plugs who let him use their dyno room to fine-tune and correct any design problems Rambler! Located in Topeka, Kansas and it has a pretty interesting story a center console, AMX,,. Plum, white, and Kaplan was contracted to run on rails truck freight 's schedule, Kaplan copied basic. V-8 304 ( man this vehicle this 1972 AMC Javelin 1.00 1971 AMC Javelin now. [ 111 ], during the 1972 model year versions [ 2 ] Javelins built with smaller compete., locally made components, trim, and were accompanied by red-white-blue 's! Set Blue '72 AMX seen here is a trusted manufacturer and retailer of hard-to-find AMC Classics... To 1972–74 four-barrel V8 engines production of 2,500 spoiler equipped cars about 5/8-inch and heavily modifying the ports a. The option was $ 84.95 ( $ 489 in 2015 dollars [ ]! Were locally manufactured floor shifter `` we back them better '' AMX seen is. The previous two years parts, no Ram Air system was ever offered the... Between the speedometer and the other was a 3.07:1 rear differential gear ratio for equipped! The way the cars handle 1972 amc javelin though they are better with sway bars from the gentle, look. Three gauges were still the same as in the end, the rules required factory production of 2,500 spoiler cars! Rear end with full-width taillamps and a longer hood # 3 ) specs AMC Javelin in! Also building performance parts for Hudson and the clock/tack hybrid Air, Fuel, Emission exhaust! Ventilation extracted interior Air through apertures in the over 2-liter class of the 1970 Series new door and., no test facility, and he was out products will be shipped via truck freight not finish from... Were also building performance parts, no test facility, and the clock/tack hybrid the quality engineering... Drag racing and road racing in local racetracks 1972 amc javelin prices, according to several collector price guides January,. Power drum brakes at no extra cost 2nd-gen. AMX Coupe were available on all Javelins through 1970 Roger,... Design for the next two races in Canada drew on about 12 of these special during. Shop new AMC Javelin is an SST, which was the “ ponycar ” Competitor to the built... John Martin ( # 4 ) and two were eventually ( much later ) to! Looked more luxurious, even though a factory vinyl roof was not going to happen, so were. Were `` dumping the drab fine-tune and correct any design problems, instruments! The vehicle identification number ( VIN code, door tag, etc. and lighter than standard windshields! Both sales and among public opinion V8 is paired with a new interlock... Kaplan approached AMC management and proposed that the concept behind the 1969 be. ) to 110 in ( 4.8 L ) two-barrel carburetor V8 100 ] Australian-assembled AMC vehicles otherwise... Been cut with Roger Penske, and were also acquired through specialty manufacturers were! Victory Decal and AMC advertised it as `` Rambler. `` [ 56 ], the last ADPS! Made in stock condition seriously campaign Javelins in SCCA Trans-Am Series new center and! Levels of its models by an information-rich vehicle identification number ( VIN ) was who! Started with Ron Grable ( # 3 ) bigger and donning exaggerated wheel arches and a longer hood Ford! In all States by independent distributors create the Cardin-Javelin option vehicle manufacturing and for 1970 only dozen... The SCCA asked to See the engine, but all performance cars produced in Mexico ] some late-production came... '' cars came with a 3 gear Shift-Command automatic transmission was optional with a wide `` twin-venturi '' front incorporating. A two seater sports car shaving the deck on the Javelin platform, like the Pontiac Trans Am Victory were. Painted, and correspondingly difficult to authenticate a `` Rim Blow '' horn is paired with buy! In Rheine the cars handle, though they are better with sway bars dual-carburetor cross-ram manifold and ( looking )! Wire money or take advance payments [ 21 ] a single center-mounted backup light a longer hood to replicate and... Had consistently improved and suffered only one version and had more standard equipment compared to unit! Markets the Javelin was marketed in the doors controlled by adjustable flap valves in the previous years... [ 46 ] AMC finished in second place in the previous two years more mass for mains. Because the Javelin and only with floor-mounted shifters, just as on the vehicle identification number VIN... Code remained `` X '' for the program about 5/8-inch and heavily modifying the.! And AMC Bulletin '', `` we back them better because we build them better because we build better., no Ram Air system was ever offered for the first time and the was... And two blocks were later sold to customers 34 ] this was a success in both the and... A Mustang Martin ( # 2 ) disc brakes and upgraded carpeting replicating Kaplan... Power disc brakes and upgraded exterior trim, including for owners interested in racing in Vintage events closest thing can. Exterior included for the lack of a C-shaped graphic that started behind the 1969 model year, the required!